Writer's Block: Revenge of the midnight movie

What is your favorite cult film, and why?

Just to make sure I didn't make any stupid mistakes on what qualifies as a "cult film" I googled it. I absolutely LOVE Heathers...
and I'm not sure how Shawshank Redemption qualifies as a cult film (but whatever)...that movie is obviously fabulous as well.
And you know, I have to add what used to be my favorite movie when I was younger, cult film or not...but Howard the Duck. It's so campy and bad that it's got to have a cult following because part of me still loves it!


How the hell did I miss this? WHY didn't I watch the first episode of Cycle 14 of ANTM like I do try and do..(though doesn't always happen. There's always the odd cycle that I always miss and have to watch on youtube.)

Meet Aimee. A friend of mine that I did a couple of shows (community theatre) with in Texas.

What's sad? I have her on facebook. I vaguely recall something being said about it...but I didn't quite "grasp" what it meant. I knew she did some modeling... I didn't know she actually almost got on the show. (She was eliminated when the 12 were chosen.) She lives in NY now.
her younger sister built up quite a modeling resume, but she quit modeling and is now focusing on school.

And yes, Aimee really IS like that in real life. she's so sweet you WANT to hate her but you can't...because...she really IS that sweet... it's impossible.

Wow...what a day

Today has been both interesting yet very emotional (in a good way.)

When I was seven and going into the second grade, my older sister gave birth to a little girl, and she ended up putting her up for adoption. I was there when she was turned over to her adoptive parents, and while my memory's a little foggy (I thought it was in october when it was actually in august) I do remember holding her , and not really fully aware of the situation, other than she wasn't going to live with my sister.

Now it's been over eighteen years. My sister Jessica has another daughter who will be seventeen in February... and this week, Naomi... the one who was put up for adoption... got in contact with Sari... her half sister... over facebook. (Jessica had her profile blocked so outsiders couldn't add her as a friend). Jessica didn't know this and on a whim last night she made it so friends of friends could add her...and about thirty minutes later Naomi friended her
Today I was checking my facebook like I always do, and I noticed that on Sari's status about her having all district choir tonight, it said "Jessica ___ and Naomi ____ like this" Curious but not thinking TOO much of it (my niece has over 2000 friends on facebook...but a LOT of family members keeping an eye on her page... she's not exactly smart about what she posts) I clicked on Naomi's name, and saw that she was friends with both Sari and Jessica.
I immediately called Jessica and asked if that was her daughter, and found out what had transpired since last night. She had gone through a whole gamut of emotions, but she and Naomi had been sending messages back and forth. I wanted to friend her on facebook, but I wanted to talk with Jess first, and Jessica sent a message to Naomi telling her about me, and Naomi immediately friended me.

It took me a few hours until I could figure out what exactly to say. She's eighteen now, and it's been overwhelming for ME, I can only imagine what it must be like for her, Sari and Jess. She messaged me back and said she was excited about getting to knwo all of us... and she's coming into town during her winter break in December to see Sari. Jessica is planning on coming up, and it should be ...a real tearfest... but I'm excited!!

I'm fast...

We had our first choir/band/everything concert tonight. I've already got one video added to youtube. (For some reason when i tried to play it on my computer, just the file, i couldn't get any video... at least it uploaded to youtube correctly.)

Oh, my aching back.

Today was the mandatory Orientation for incoming freshmen and new transfers. Apparently we're the largest transfer class EVER at McKendree.. AND there's more transfer students than Freshmen.
Basically sat through a couple of stuff, people from the school talked about services and upcoming Bearcat week next week. I'm going to look to see about getting a job as maybe an English tutor or something. They need tutors, and I'm okay at writing. (usually when I write these damn things I don't pay a bit of attention to grammar and too lazy to spell check, but that doesn't mean I can't.)  Maybe even the lower level math classes... by lower level I mean...DEVELOPMENTAL. I'll see if I can get placed on Monday.

The rest of the day was utter dullness. Standing in lines at various stations. I have 30 days to get a physical and get my immunization records from SOMEWHERE or else I'll be barred from class. Lovely.  The lady said my high school should have records... it's been six years but it's worth a shot.

Also had to get yearbook pictures taken. I colored my hair yesterday so it's looking especially dark. Had to get a school ID... now I can finally make use of the gym. On Monday I have to stay there later because there's a meeting for the music majors/minors. Great. Probably will take that two hours I'll have to kill and go to the gym, maybe check out the Lair (student game area or something), or go to 1828... and the library.
After that stood in a loooooong line for the business office just to get a voucher for the bookstore so I could use the refund money to get books. (It's ALL GONE).

I had to call my dad to come get me because there was absolutely no way I was going to be able to lug all those books home with me on my bike. i didn't have my backpack, and I had my purse (which was completely full) in my bike basket. (yes I have a bike basket like a little old lady. It actually comes in handy though because i have a huge purse and it kept falling off the handlebars)

I have SIX BOOKS total for Music Theory and Sight Singing and Ear Training. There's a Theory package which consists of three books, plus a music writing book that I managed to get used, then there's the SSET package of two books.
I thought I was going to get lucky and only have to use two books for Theory only for the YEAR.
Also had to get my FInite Math book (YUCK), and Music cultures or whatever the hell the class is called book. I still don't have notebooks, pens , calculator (God I hope I don't need a graphing calculator), pencils etc...but I think I'm better off getting those at Wal-Mart.
Vocal Diction books aren't in yet. (The teacher said BOOKS in email...dear lord), and I already HAVE the "keyboard" book, which is a year and a half old, and I have since moved on... because I'm better at piano than that book.  (I might not be the greatest pianist but come on, I PLAYED FREAKING CHOPIN).

Anyway, school starts on MOnday at 8. Keyboard/beginner piano is first. At least I'll start off easy enough.

Time for JEopardy.


Okay so I was looking over my schedule for the fall semester, i just got another copy because I misplaced my other one as it's been two months.
I'm supposed to be in Math for Fine Arts.

Oh and Jubals you're going to LOVE this one.
I was looking at the bookstore link that was on the school website, trying to figure out where abouts I was in what my books were going to cost this semester (would the $571 refund cover everything) I was looking at the book for the Advanced KEyboarding Skills class.



I started BOOK TWO  a year ago!!!